When Gov'nor Rogers tries to separate Rackham and Anne, they steal the William and their life of piracy begins. 

Anne, an excellant swordsman, challanges her 

fencing master.  Shedding her over skirt, Anne shocks the by-standers on the streets of Charles Town.

Mark Read was a fierce and loyal fighter for the British Army and later became a seaman on a Dutch merchantman.  When the ship is boarded by pirates for the second time, Mark puts her mark on the articles becoming one of Rackham's crew .

Anne Bonny 

The Renegade




Anne Bonny The Last Pirate screenplay book

Anne Bonny The Last Pirate

   The pirate adventures of Anne Bonny, Mary "Mark" Read and Captain Calico Jack Rackham based on true events.

   Set in the 1700's at the peak of piracy you'll discover how these three joined together, becoming a force to be dealt with.

   Follow Anne from the privileged plantations and elegant townhouses of genteel Charles Town to the bawdy pirate haven of Nassau and how her pirate life  began in the


   Meet the Pirates, as Anne knew them, before they became  legends.  John Rackham will tell you about his young life in Her Royal Navy and how he became a Pirate Captain.  Mary Read tells her story of male disguise and living the life of a boy named Mark.

   The British law made it a point to rid the seas of these three pirates, so how  did  

​     Anne Bonny become The Last Pirate?

​   Anne was often dressed as a boy and known as "Andy" while working for her father at his warehouse.    Anne, sitting upon her stool working on a ledger at her father's warehouse, often looks through her spyglass at the ships in harbor. 

Young Anne Bonny was only sixteen when her wealthy father, William Cormac, demanded she marry a young man from a neighboring plantation family.

Front and back covers of newly released

Anne Bonny   The Last Pirate 


   LuAnn Zettle

Mary "Mark" Read

The Rebel




Anne falls in love with a flamboyant pirate, Captain Calico Jack Rackham. 

Anne discovers Mark is really a Mary and let's Calico in on the disguise. Soon the three are best friends and their piracy becomes a legend in their own time. 

LuAnn Zettle,


Anne Refuses to marry the plantation milksop her father has chosen. Instead, Anne marries a young man she didn't know well. They board a ship and sail to Nassau.   

Captain Calico Jack Rackham

​The Rouge